Question: How Do You Say Family In Cantonese?

What is hello in Cantonese?

哈囉 is “hello” with a Cantonese pronunciation.

We use it to greet people casually, just like you would use “hi” in English.

哈囉,你好呀 (haa1 lo3,nei5 hou2 aa3), meaning “hello,” is usually used when you want to greet someone that you aren’t close with in a friendly way.

It’s a more formal Cantonese greeting..

What is Cantonese mother?

English. Cantonese. Mother. 媽媽 [maa1 maa1]

What is thank you in Cantonese?

冇問題 (móuh mahntàih) Say “doh je” for a gift. This is the standard way of saying “thank you” in Cantonese. Cantonese is spoken mainly within southern China. Outside of mainland China, it is spoken by most people living in Hong Kong and Macau.

How do you say smelly in Cantonese?

葾 (jyun1 | ) : stinking; stinky – CantoDict.

How do you say OK in Cantonese?

好呀 (hou2 aa3 | ) : OK, fine – CantoDict.

Are you OK in Cantonese?

你有冇事? are you OK?

How do you say son in Cantonese?

“SON” in Cantonese (兒子) – Flashcard.

How do you say fart in Cantonese?

放屁 (fong3 pei3 | fang4 pi4) : fart, break wind; (excl.)

How do you say child in Cantonese?

細路 (sai3 lou6 | ) : child; children – CantoDict.

What is father in Cantonese?

One Cantonese Homophone / Homophone Variant for this word: 老竇 lou5 dau6 = father; dad (informal); the male protector of a prostitute 粵 Legend. 國 : This term is used in Mandarin/Standard written Chinese, not Cantonese. 粵 : This term is used in Cantonese, not Mandarin/Standard written Chinese.

How do you say person in Cantonese?

人(jan4 | ren2) : person; human being – CantoDict.

How do you say parents in Cantonese?

The most popular one is 爸爸 and 妈妈, or just 爸 and 妈, which can be combined into 爸妈, meaning parents. A bit more formal one is 父亲 and 母亲, which can be combined into 父母 or 父母亲, also meaning parents. In Hong Kong, I quite often hear children address their father as “Daddy” and mother “Mommy”.