Question: What Is The Resilient Modulus?

What is modulus of resilience?

The modulus of resilience is defined as the maximum energy that can be absorbed per unit volume without creating a permanent distortion.

It can be calculated by integrating the stress–strain curve from zero to the elastic limit..

Which test is carried out to determine the resilient modulus of a subgrade soil?

laboratory resilient modus testIt is known that a laboratory resilient modus test and a falling weight deflectometer (FWD) test are usually used to obtain the resilient modulus of subgrade [5, 6].

What is the modulus of subgrade reaction?

Modulus of subgrade reaction is the reaction pressure sustained by the soil sample under a rigid plate of standard diameter per unit settlement measured at a specified pressure or settlement. IRC specifies that the K value be measured at 1.25 mm settlement.

What is a modulus test?

Modulus of Elasticity, also known as Elastic modulus, represents an objects resistance to elastic deformation when force is applied. When viewed on a graph it is the ratio of the stress (force) in a body to the corresponding strain (displacement).

What is effective CBR?

CBR 75% is the maximum permitted value for Effective Subgrade Strength.

What are CBR values?

The harder the surface, the higher the CBR value. Typically, a value of 2% equates to clay, while some sands may have a CBR value of 10%. High quality sub-base will have a value of between 80-100% (maximum). The CBR test is carried out on soils with a maximum particle size of 20mm.

How do you find the resilient modulus?

A material’s resilient modulus is actually an estimate of its modulus of elasticity (E). While the modulus of elasticity is stress divided by strain for a slowly applied load, resilient modulus is stress divided by strain for rapidly applied loads – like those experienced by pavements.

What is the minimum CBR value for subgrade?

A clayey soil generally has a low CBR value (less than 8). Sands are more granular and drain better and will generally have CBR values between 15 and 35. Gravel will have the best CBR values, generally 25 and up. That is why it is suggested to save the best material to cap the subgrade.

What are some examples of resilient materials?

ResilienceMaterialE, psiModulus of resilience, UrHigh-carbon spring steel30×106320Duraluminium10,5×10617,0Cooper16×1065,3Rubber1503002 more rows